Loss and Grief SG

2nd Tuesday Loss and Grief Support Group

Facilitators, Laura Elrod and Rev. Mary Jo Gessner


Rev. Mary Jo Gessner began our Loss and Grief Support Group in January of 2009 following the sudden death of her friend's husband, Wayne Elrod. Wayne was everyone's friend and “larger than life”; a big, huggable guy with an even bigger personality. And when he died suddenly from a heart attack at age 45, we were all in disbelief. His absence was felt at our church, at all the Bob Jones' football games, by all of his co-workers, and especially by his wife and family.


Whether you've lost a loved one recently, or many years ago, our grief support group can help! Join with others in our community who know the devastation you are experiencing as together we move through (not over, or around) the grief. YOUR LIFE IS NOT OVER… come and receive support from others, who have walked in your shoes, every 2nd TUESDAY of the month from 5:00-6:30 PM.